AICF sends 200 care packages to US soldiers from WNY

The AICF Care Package Program is designed to provide service members with a connection to home through 30 edible items best suit the needs of our military men and women from WNY deployed overseas. We appreciate First LieutenantShawn Lavin for being there and receiving the care packages.

The AICF Care was started 15 years ago to keep deployed service members connected to the people, places and things they cherish. Those small gestures provide the comfort and care that make a difference for service members stationed far from home.

“Giving a mountain of care packages to members deployed overseas is a terrific display of selflessness and generosity by AICF” – First LieutenantShawn Lavin

“The most precious thing is life, and we greatly appreciate our soldiers putting that on line so unselfishly. Very noble sacrifice. We sending 200 boxes is just a small token of good wishes”-Mohan Shetye, President of AICF