FCC Complaint Filed Against WBEN Over Poloncarz Threat

After calling Poloncarz a moron, liar, and idiot for believing that Trump committed impeachable offenses, “Dave” said, addressing Poloncarz, that ”if one of your illegals that you bring here to help ruin our country either hurts me or any of mine, I’m gonna come after you and yours. And you can take that to the bank, you moron.”

Statement by Mark Poloncarz:

yesterday a caller into WBEN radio threatened harm to me and my loved ones for my letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo authorizing the placement of legal refugees in Erie County. Here is my official statement in response to such threat:

I am disappointed such a threat was made against me and my family members and that the radio station did nothing to stop it and didn’t address what the phone caller said immediately after it aired. While people have the right to disagree with policy positions and specific decisions made by their public officials, in our democracy threats made against anyone are unacceptable, including what was stated Tuesday on WBEN.

We will be passing along information regarding this public threat to the appropriate law enforcement agencies to ensure no harm is caused to anyone, as well as filing a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission regarding the use of the public airwaves to make such threat and the failure of WBEN to appropriately respond.