Heart & Soul Conversation #1

March 16th

It was the Monday after the first COVID-19/Coronavirus weekend of doom and gloom.

I woke up feeling isolated, scared and slightly unsettled over the fact that I’d seemed to have forgotten how to grocery shop!

Unsure, I decided to do what I’ve done all my life…tell a story.

In my Mickey footie PJs and with my bedhead hair, I FB Live’d what I thought was going to be a fun and entertaining video. Instead, it became an emotional confession of my mindset..and the start of Heart & Soul Conversations.



Christina M. Abt is an accomplished author, newspaper columnist and radio broadcaster with four books to her credit:

1,) Chicken Wing Wisdom: Western New York Stories of Family, Life and Food Shared Around the Table—a regional best-seller.
2.) Crown Hill, A Novel of Love, Life and The Afterlife: Christina’s first work of historical fiction that continues to earn five-star Amazon reviews.
3.)Heart & Soul, The Best Years of My Op-Ed Life: A collection of essays chronicling Christina’s long-running newspaper and NPR Affiliate/WBFO Radio commentary career.
4.) Beauty & Grace: a work of historical fiction earning five star reviews on Amazon and praise from readers across America. B&G Presentations have included the South Dakota Women’s Prison Book Club and the South Dakota Festival of Books as well as The Cell Theater in Manhattan.
5.) Money or Love, is her newest book, a novel about internet dating from the far
side of 40, which will publish in June.

Christina is a bred and born Buffalo Gal, the proud mother of two
and the blessed Nana of one perfect grandson and one darling granddaughter.

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Heart & Soul Connection#1 Mickey PJs and Bedhead Hair

Posted by Christina Abt on Monday, March 16, 2020