Heart & Soul Conversation #10…… Friday Funday w.Music by Kelley Hunt

Lots of music including a song for the times, “Simplify” by Kelley Hunt and a story about a gentleman and his first experience with Melissa Etheridge singing live online.

Also, homework for the weekend. How are you acting differently in these times? Do you notice others acting differently? Share your stories on the comments of the FB Live or here on this blog.

Have a good weekend~

On this morning’s Heart & Soul Conversation, I mentioned planting seeds and starting an indoor garden. I also mentioned going out to a store for seeds.

As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew they were wrong and I apologize. My mouth was moving faster than my brain….a condition my children will tell you is part of my DNA.

I will not be going to a store, or anywhere, unless absolutely necessary to sustain and survive. I ask everyone to do the same.

To beat this virus we have to stay apart. Anything less could cause the loss of someone or someones we love

Stay safe and be well.💚



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Heart & Soul Conversation # 10Fun FridayMusic "Simplify" Kelley Hunt

Posted by Christina Abt on Friday, March 27, 2020