McMurray Condemns Jacobs’ Lies and Fear Mongering in Time of COVID-19 Crisis

HAMBURG, N.Y. – Friday Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order that indicated the New York State government will share resources “from institutions that don’t currently need them and redeploy the equipment to other hospitals with the highest need.” Some used this common sense approach to scare and incense residents for political gain.    

After the Governor’s announcement, Republican candidate for NY- 27 Chris Jacobs alleged via Twitter that the government had used their forces to take 30 ventilators from Buffalo General Hospital. The false tweet was later removed from social media.  Yesterday, Stefan Mychajliw, another Republican candidate in the 27th, called on Jacobs to apologize for what he described as an “inflammatory and false tweet.”

“My opponent, who is not just a candidate but is a sitting New York State Senator, lied about his own government and chose to spread fear in a time of crisis. He is the same Senator who voted against COVID-19 sick pay. He is the same senator whose billionaire uncle was dubbed by Forbes the face of corporate greed during the Covid crisis. I would ask him what has he done, as our elected representative to the NY Senate, to prepare us for this crisis? Are our hospitals fully funded and staffed, do they have enough resources and protections? Do we have broadband across the state so that all kids, regardless of where or how they live, can access school resources and continue to learn? The answer is no.” said Nate McMurray.

“Chris Jacobs has not accomplished what is needed, he has blindly supported President Trump in this crisis. After all, despite the lack of ventilators in this country, our President continues to tell us we have enough. There would be no need for Jacobs to lie about stealing ventilators if that was true.” said Nate McMurray.