Buffalo Police Looking to Charge Knife Wielding Fascist at Hertel Ave. Protest

Mayor Brown addressed the Friday night incident on his Sunday morning radio show:

Just recently, we saw a situation on Hertel Avenue with the protests that took place on Friday, where there was a guy that was yelling racial slurs.  I want to just indicate, that was not a permitted event. The police were not asked to be there. With the public protection detail, and with the operational units of the police department, we had a large number of police officers there. We called in 13 police officers on overtime. There were no injuries. There was no damage to property. And so we think that was a success. Now after the fact, the police department got a complaint from someone who was a protester from that person’s house saying they were threatened by a guy who was yelling racial slurs, and who brandished a knife. Our police department is interviewing the complainant today. Our goal, we’ve already reached out to the district attorney’s office is to charge that individual with menacing, with harassment, and criminal possession of a weapon. So the Buffalo Police Department is on top of that.