Gov. Cuomo Hanged in Effigy by Right Wing Extremists in Hamburg

Right-Wing extremists from Erie County held a mock public lynching of NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo in Hamburg on Saturday.

Republican Congressman Chris Jacobs Participated in the lynching. Also features speeches by Republicans Sean “Jaz” Miles for Assembly (141), Frank Smerciak for Assembly (143), Josh Mertzlufft for State Senate (60) and Ricky Donovan for Congress for NY-26.

In the video, the effigy of Cuomo can be seen hanging by a wooden structure, while the MC asks the crowd if Cuomo was “guilty or not guilty”, while someone was striking the cuomo puppet with what looks like a shotgun.

Chairman Zellner denounces extremist rally held Sunday:

“Pictures don’t lie, and what we see is an effigy of Gov. Cuomo with a noose around its neck. This gruesome and shameful display came just days after the local conservative chairman complained about incivility in politics.  He’s being disingenuous, and so are those now trying to walk back the extremism displayed at yesterday’s reckless rally.  We are proud to be with the candidate of integrity in the 60th Senate District, Sean Ryan, whose campaign is about the real challenges facing the working men and women of Western New York.  I echo the call for Joshua Mertzlufft, Chris Jacobs and all who spoke at that Rally to denounce this action.”