Athletes Unleashed Owner Sends Racist Vile Response to Buffalo Woman Asking For A Refund


The owner of Athletes Unleashed, Robby Dinero, who has thrust himself into the national spotlight for his selfish and arrogant behavior regarding the recent COVID “orange” restrictions on businesses in Erie County seems to be living up to his reputation around Western New York,

Dinero, who’s Athletes Unleashed company in Orchard Park was the host of the Liberty Games. 

Our annual CrossFit-style competition is held in March at the Buffalo Bills Field House. Teams of 4 compete across 4 divisions in this day-long event.

Like everything else, the event was canceled back in January at the Buffalo Bills Fieldhouse.

Like most events scheduled during that time, Dinero postponed the event but chose to widely ignore refund requests. It wasn’t until 4th of July, when it was apparent that an event of that size wouldn’t be happening in 2020, that Dinero sent out instructions to the registrants of the March event.

When people began asking for refunds, things took an unusual turn for a Buffalo woman after submitting her request on July 18th:

“I will refund your money as soon as you eat my a** you filthy, foreign, third-world country piece of s**t” , wrote Dinero.

According to the Liberty Games Facebook page, the event was rescheduled for this past weekend, Nov. 21.

We are assuming the event did not take place seeing how Robby and his crew have been busy holding unlawful protests and other restricted events at his business in Orchard Park.

No official response from the Buffalo Bills at this time. We’ll keep you posted.

Real patriot this guy, huh?