Virtual Concert Hour curated by Music Is Art, interludes by DJ Sashimi and DJ Ramen!

The artist line-up includes:

2:27 – Odori no Kai, Japanese Folk Dance

8:48 – Richardo Saeb, Classical Guitar

15:55 – Toshie Kenney of Miyabi Star Shino, Japanese Shinobue Flute

19:12 – Levantino Piccini, Shamisen

24:23 – JGB Shibuki Japanese Drum Group, JGB 和太鼓しぶき

47:20 – DJ Sashimi and DJ Ramen concludes

Special thanks to Music Is Art for putting this spectacular virtual concert together, all performers for their time and talent and The Buffalo History Museum for sharing their beautiful space. Learn more about Music is Art and support their cause at:

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