I think I may have truly crossed that line from private citizen to public candidate…all in the span of a single day.

It started with my first official endorsement interview with the WNY Area Labor Federation of the AFL CIO.  Never having experienced such an interview process, I had no idea what to expect.  So, I asked a friend of mine who is a union member what it would be like.  His answer floored me.

“Well there will be about 50 or 60 people sitting in a room and they’ll put you up in the front of that room and then spend about 20 minutes asking you any questions that they want.”

“Fifty or 60 people?????  Seriously????”

To add to the stress of the interview, upon my arrival I was required to stand before the union members for the full 20 minutes, while they were all seated.  It felt kind of like being lined up before a firing squad!

Twenty minutes and some sweat running down my arms later, I was done.  It wasn’t exactly the perfect interview, but I got some, “atta girls” and business cards as I exited the room, so I must have said something right.

From that point the rest of the day spiraled out of control with a flat tire, several missed printer’s deadlines and working on endorsement letter in a hotly uncomfortable office.  Finally at the end of the night I settled down to check my emails and Facebook page, and there it was….a snarky Facebook post from someone unknown to me, criticizing me for no other reason than I have stepped forward to run.  U.G.H.

But then my candidate’s baptism by fire took an absolutely AWESOME turn toward the postive.  Suddenly people began posting in response to this stranger’s nastiness, defending me as an honest person trying to make a difference.  And as one, then two and more continued to defend my candidacy, I had to admit that overall,  it felt pretty good to be officially christened.