You may not have heard of Houndmouth yet, but the Louisville, Kentucky band will be all over the place this summer—from Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza to a club near you. Houndmouth’s debut album From The Hills Below The City will be released in June on the legendary Rough Trade label. Oh, and did I mention that this is a special Undercover week? We’re taking the week off from the regular list for a Seventh Inning Stretch (it’s week seven!), and we’ve asked Houndmouth and Basia Bulat to cover baseball-related songs for us. (We intended to record them at a baseball stadium but we got rained out—true story!) Houndmouth dug deep and found “Joe DiMaggio Done It Again,” from the collaborative Billy Bragg/Wilco album Mermaid Avenue Vol. II. That album, of course, put new music to old lyrics by Woody Guthrie. It’s real purty. Enjoy.

[grabpress_video guid=88c6fbff5be1a6031f6b42b498d367c6324a876c]

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