When Your Organizational Meeting Turns into an Anti – Cuomo, Liberal Hating S**t Show

About 100 people met at a local church called ‘My Fathers House Church’ in Elma earlier this week in what was advertised as:


Unlike the previous week’s event in East Aurora, this ‘gathering’ provided little to zero information about pistol re-certification or being SAFE Act compliant but rather served as an opportunity for the guest speakers to spew alt-right rhetoric and vent about everything from ‘kids being brain-washed into protesting’ to ‘liberals’ and ‘women’ protesting at the Women’s March as being ‘enemies of the state

The group, yet to be officially named, (although at the end of the meeting they were toying with the name 1791 Society) held their first ‘organizational meeting’ under the direct authorization of the church and whom, according to the MC of the event,  has been involved (the church) in this type of partisan political activity for the better half of five years:

Quite frankly, the videos speak for themselves.

With little based on fact, the two-hour meeting was nothing more than the usual Alt-Right rhetoric, mostly stemming from the group’s hatred of ‘liberals’, Democrats, Andrew Cuomo, the media,  and the people they continue to deem are their enemies.


First up was Carl Paladino. With a broken clavicle, he didn’t seem quite his animated self as seen in the past, but he still managed to come up with a few doozies.

He also officially endorsed a candidate for Governor, which again, is kind of frowned upon at events hosted by a place of worship.

While always managing to keep things classy, Paladino called recently disgraced Buffalo developer Lou Ciminielli:

“a fucking coward”.  

Nice language in a place of worship Carl.


Next up was Rus ‘voting fraud‘ Thompson.  He enthusiastically endorsed Republican Candidate David DiPietro, who was ‘stuck in Albany and unable to attend’.

Thompson was able to squeeze in a push to ‘go after the teachers in school’ as well as his longtime conspiracy theory about the ‘liberal agenda’:

“The liberal agenda is being pushed out and destroying the very fabric of our country and its right here in our backyard.”


The highlight of the evening was certainly WBEN’s David Bellavia.

Bellavia, who was under fire a few weeks back for a homophobic rant on WBEN that never made it into the WBEN archives, seems to feel a sense of entitlement now that he shares air time with Tom Bauerle.

Bellavia, who seemed incoherent at times, went off on just about everything anti-liberal. He blasted ‘the kids for protesting’ while suggesting the need to target 8-10 year olds and bring them into the 2nd amendment ‘fight’ and warned liberals “not to poke this bear”.

“Ladies and Gentleman, when you look at these ‘rallies’… these people are domestic enemies of the state. Do not be confused”


One only hopes Mr. Bellavia is on a watchlist somewhere because he’s becoming more and more unhinged.


Last up was Sheriff Howard, who showed up late but did manage to spew a few words about teachers planting ideas “in these kids heads to walk out today’

So there you have it, folks…  The inaugural meeting of the “1791 Society”.

I think it’s the perfect name for this group of political misfits who are:

Stuck in the past:


Unable to deal with the future:



Who still attend rallies supporting the Confederacy:



and still, like to play dress-up and host’s tea parties…


(Editor’s Note: It’s important to reiterate that we are not against the 2nd Amendment. We recognize the individual’s right to bear arms for self-protection and legal activities. But in 2018, we are supporters of tougher and more thoughtful ways to protect people’s natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which in our opinion, trump any person’s singular right to own a weapon of mass destruction)