New PAC Old Tricks – Cheektowaga Dems Call for Investigation

Cheektowaga, NY – The Cheektowaga Democratic Town Committee is calling on opposition candidates Ray Jablonski, Dean Szymkowiak and Margaret Brezowski to stop using a shady political action committee to hide the source of their contributions and evade state election laws. The PAC, known as “A Better Cheektowaga”, has been used to promote the individual candidates’ campaigns and has hosted two fundraisers in the last month. The PAC has not filed any legally required financial disclosures in the last month – 32 Day Pre-Primary report due May 24th and 11 Day Pre-Primary Report due June 14th.

Zone Leader Lynn Dearmyer has contacted the State Board of Elections Enforcement Counsel asking for a full investigation into A Better Cheektowaga PAC for their non-compliance with election laws. 

Dearmyer stated “This is a pattern of conduct that I saw myself when I ran for County Legislature, when convicted criminals and ex-party bosses Frank Max and Steve Pigeon used shadowy political committees to attack their opponents but failed to properly disclose it’s financial activities. Now, their allies are back at it again, breaking the law by not telling voters who are funding their campaigns. They’ve learned nothing.”

A Better Cheektowaga PAC held two fundraisers on May 16th and June 6th. Supporters were asked to make donations payable and sent to A Better Cheektowaga PAC at the address registered with NYS Board of Elections. In the 11 Day Pre-Primary Report filed by Friends and Family of Margaret M. Brezowski, her committee accepted a $323 donation from A Better Cheektowaga PAC. A Better Cheektowaga PAC, according to their last filing on record for the January 2019 Periodic Report, only had a balance of $205.

Dearmyer further added: “This is about following the law and being held accountable as to where your money is coming from and how it is being spent. Voters should be very concerned that the candidates and their PAC are concealing the fact of how they are raising and spending their money. If they cannot follow the law now or file reports on time, how will they be responsible enough to file the proper paperwork in a timely manner as elected town officials?”

The town committee – as well as candidates endorsed by the Cheektowaga Democratic Town Committee including Town Supervisor Diane Benczkowski, Highway Superintendent Mark Wegner, Clerk candidate Kim Burst and Town Justice candidate Dave Stevens – have all filed the necessary reports in a timely fashion.

Town Chairman Matt Janiszewski stated that he is proud of the transparency of the Town Democratic Committee. 

“When our committee and our candidates need to file required financial disclosures, we take them seriously, we submit them on time, and the voters know where our funds are coming from. We run a clean, grassroots operation and our financial reports are an open book.”