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Trump must be covered as ‘a cheat and a rapist’: Ex-White House reporter unloads on press

According to a former White House correspondent who spent the Donald Trump years trying to get straight answers out of the ex-president's press secretaries, the media has been covering the ex-president wrong.

In a column for Salon, journalist Brian Karem argues that members of the press have been "moral cowards" by not properly covering Trump, who Karem says is "a fraud, a cheat and a rapist, facing 91 felony counts."

Karem famously asked Trump if he would honor a peaceful transition of power if he lost the election.

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"Trump is truly delusional. 'Brick by brick, Donald Trump is a fantasy. He's the biggest fraud there is,' political commentator Danielle Moodie told Mary Trump. Every bit of reporting we do on him should stress that," Karem wrote Thursday. "It's not like his delusion is a secret. 'We in the family knew it,' Mary Trump said, explaining the fraud perpetrated by her uncle — before describing him as the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on America."

The journalist then added:

"But don't count on the press to inform you about any of that. We're too busy pretending, and entertaining you by treating Trump as if he were a charmer, or a savior." It's not just the media, according to the reporter.

"It isn't just the press that is filled with cowards. The Republicans in Congress are repugnant criminal cowards. The Democrats are eunuchs and moral cowards. While the Republicans pursue Hunter Biden — and if he's guilty of something, so be it — the Democrats have not said one word about Jared Kushner, Eric Trump or Donald Trump Jr. There is more than enough evidence to investigate those three for trading White House access for billions in foreign investment. Yet so far, nothing."

He goes on to say, "The Democrats don't want to look like they're gutter-fighting quite as dirty as the GOP, and seem to lack any desire to pursue obvious corruption. Thus it appears to millions of American voters, including many potential voters still on the fence, that the Bidens have the most to hide"

"I cannot say it enough. We have two political parties in this country: One has no heart. One has no head," he added Thursday. "And the press? We have neither."

Read the full report here.

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