Dixon Campaign Supporters Caught Spreading Fake Memes

Meet Eddie Kasprzyk, self-proclaimed campaign supporter of Republican Lynne Dixon.

Eddie is a ‘big tool’. He’s been caught and banned by Twitter in the recent past for creating create fake and completely misleading memes/videos similar to those we’ve already determined misleading or fake by the Dixon campaign and another Republican friend of his, Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw.

Eddie recently tried to spread this meme of what claims to be an Erie County road in disrepair at the hands of current and soon to be re-elected Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz:

At a quick glance, one could easily think this road was somewhere in Erie County, but taking a little deeper look, it’s obvious this road isn’t even in New York State.

Not in Erie County

So we used a ‘bigger tool’, one that is considerably more useful than Eddie ( Reverse Image Search) to determine in about 10 seconds that this picture was clearly not from Erie County, New York.

The picture seems to originate from numerous Russian troll farm websites that have been used since 2016 to depict roads in Bulgaria, Sweden, Canada and now thanks to the Dixon campaign, Erie County.  Even the same unoriginal wording in the Dixon campaign meme has been used in the past:

As proven time and time and time again, the Dixon campaign, her staff, and her supporters CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.

They are desperate and it shows.

You can report Eddie and his fake meme to Twitter by clicking here