Extras needed for movie filming in Buffalo

Extras are needed for the new movie “Nightmare Alley,” which will be directed by Academy Award winner Guillermo del Toro and shot in Western New York.

Citrola Casting, LLC. is looking for actors and actresses of all ages for the movie.

If you’d like to be considered for the Fox Searchlight Pictures film directed by Guillermo Del Toro, please fill out the form below. All background roles are PAID.
WHAT CAN I EXPECT AS AN EXTRA? – You should ALWAYS expect a full 12+ hour day. Some days are significantly shorter than others..and some are longer. NOBODY from this office will EVER tell you that it will only take a few hours. We may give you an idea of timeframe, if we have it, but things always change. – You may be asked to do a variety of different things in the scene such as walking, crossing camera, sitting down with a friend, engaging in pretend conversation, doing a specific task or activity.
It’s all up to production and they will give you instructions on the day based on the scene. – Snacks, water, and coffee are always available throughout the day and you will get a hot meal half-way through the day if you’re there for the entire day (full 12 hrs).
-You will fill out paperwork for payment on set.
Usually, you’ll receive a check in the mail anywhere between 2-4 weeks from your shoot date.