World-Renowned Rock and Roll Musicians Record Song As COVID-19 Historical Keepsake

Rock and roll singers/songwriters/guitarists, Phil Naro and Michael Hund have known each other since their early music days in their hometown of Buffalo, NY.  Individually they have traveled the world, playing music with bands such as Iron Maiden and Ted Nugent. Respectively, Naro has won a Daytime Emmy for his musical talents while Hund has been honored with an induction to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Yet, according to Hund,  it’s only recently that these two rock and roll stars have come together, collaborating for the first time  on a songwriting/recording project with a unique purpose.

“Phil and I have stayed connected through our careers, so when I thought about making music during COVID-19, he was one of the first musicians I called,” said Hund. “The more we talked, the more we realized that we could create something people could have as a historical keepsake of this time. A reminder of how it felt and how we all survived by pulling together. Within a few days we wrote the song and recorded it—me in my studio in Hamburg and Phil up in Toronto. He sent me his recording and I mixed the tracks together and created a video.  Now we’re getting ready to press it into a 7” vinyl record that people can have forever. We’ve titled it, ‘We’ll Get Through.’

The record will be packaged in commemorative envelope with the “We’ll Get Through” title imprinted on  the record itself. It will be for sale online until April 17th at a price of $25 with a portion of the proceeds  to benefit Mount View Assisted Living in Lockport, NY.  As Naro notes, the essence of the project is to inspire and remember through music.

“This pandemic is something none of us saw coming and it’s turning our world upside down. To get through it, Michael and I wrote this song in the hope that it reassures people that we will get through this and as a future remembrance of how we endured.”

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