New Parlato Ad in Violation of Federal Laws

Generally speaking, when voting for the next person to represent you in Congress, one would normally consider supporting a candidate who obeys the law.

Of course, this is NY-27, so that’s just not a possibility in this back asswards district of Trumpkinville.

Beth Parlato’s recent attack ad on Chris Jacobs is another example of an NY27 candidate who thinks she can flaunt the rule of law.

Parlato’s attack ad misses the mark in many ways, but most importantly, the ad prominently features the official IRS logo behind a really bad actor portraying himself as an IRS official. The use of the logo is a direct violation of Federal laws.

In fact, Parlato now finds herself facing the possibility of a hefty fine and/or up to six months in jail if the ad is not immediately removed.

Unlike other government agency’s, the IRS has some pretty strict rules and guidelines for use of their logo. Seals and devices of the federal government, departments, bureaus, and independent agencies similar to the IRS official logo in the ad above are not in the public domain, and cannot be used for anything other than official business without specific authorization of the agency involved.

No such permission was received, nor would’ve been given for use of a government logo in a political advertisement. Especially one as cheesy as this.

Despite the illegal use of the IRS logo, there was one morsel of truth. At one point the cheesy IRS actor claims:

“We can’t let Beth Parlato into Office.  She’s just like President Trump.”

Ain’t that some truth.