Stefan Mychajliw’s Childish Political Game Ends with A Kenmore Bar Getting Shut Down

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mycahjliw thought it would be cute to make a quick video mocking the Governor’s executive order that bars must sell food with alcoholic beverages by sitting at the Village Line Bar in Kenmore bar eating cheese and crackers.

So on Thursday, The Village Line had it’s license officially suspended and charged with violating the recent executive order.

In response to complaints that the premises does not serve food, an SLA investigator entered the tavern and observed three patrons seated at the bar drinking alcohol without food.  After requesting a menu from an employee, the investigator was told he could go next door for pizza and bring it back to the bar — an admission that no food was available.

The tavern was charged with violating Executive Order 202.52 for serving alcohol without food, in addition to a charge of “non bona fide” for not having food available.

The Village Line, in the weeks prior to the investigation by the state, had also made a few posts to social media promoting new $1 menu items.

No word yet on if Stefan has sent a formal apology to the bar owners for exposing them as being violators of a law that dates back to 1964.