CSEA Standing Behind Suspended EC Corrections Officer

Marc Priore, President of the CSEA Erie County Corrections Unit released the following statement today regarding the suspension of an Erie County Corrections Officer involved in an altercation with protesters in South Buffalo over the weekend:

“While Erie County Corrections officials continue to investigate the circumstances involving an incident that took place at a protest march on Saturday, August 8, the members of CSEA are standing firmly behind our member knowing full well the video content shared on social media tells only a small portion of what actually transpired. 
Our member recalls this occurrence as “unfortunate” and “unplanned” and is anxious to tell his side of the story to investigators. CSEA expects a truthful and thorough examination of the set of conditions that define this incident and will continue to faithfully carry out our duties of due process and fair representation. 
CSEA will not be making any further public comments about this incident while an active investigation is ongoing.