David DiPietro – Potential Super-Spreader

What elected official (besides Donald Trump) would purposely put the health of his constituents at risk during a deadly pandemic?

Why New York State Assemblyman David DiPietro of course!

When David DiPietro is your elected official, no one is safe.

Thankfully these folks had enough common sense to wear a mask and protect themselves from the irresponsible, self-serving Assemblyman.

Not Boy Scouts:

Not Police Officers:

Not even COVID positive Carl Paladino is safe from DiPietro’s petulance:

DiPietro’s consistent refusal to wear a mask while in public, especially when posing for campaign pictures with the same law enforcement and first responders he touts to have so much “respect” for is not only hypocritical but completely reprehensible.

Unfortunately for the poor constituents from the 147th Assembly district, there isn’t enough of (NYS Senator) Rob Ortt’s “special” Taxpayer-funded and campaign sponsored NYS Official Hand Sanitizer in the world to wash all the douchiness off of DiPietro’s hands.