Leaked Parler Data Uncovers Possible “Civil War Plot” With ties to WNY

A collective of internet researchers spanning across the country has uncovered a civil war plot that seems to have direct connections to a Western New York Parler account.

According to an action organization issued on a well-known militia website, various American militia organizations ( see above) jointly formed the “American Patriot Action Organization” or PAFA:

“January 16, 2021 we begin the process of exterminating the democrat ideology from America”

The now disabled website PAFA2021 published a detailed plan to start a civil war starting at the capitol and was first promoted by a Parler account with close ties to Buffalo and Western New York.

We’ll let the @Camdefalliance take it from here:

Amer1caF1rst Parler account mentions WNY on more than one occasion:


A local research collaborative on Twitter (@fashie_cide) took this verified information above and did a much deeper dive into who may be connected to the PAFA2021.com website


WNYmedia has not yet had a chance to independently verify the information in the local connection but you can see their work in this twitter thread