Reject Divisive Mychajliw

 Hamburg Democrats are calling on voters to reject Republican Supervisor Candidate, Stefan Mychajliw, who, since moving to Hamburg less than 4 years ago, will be running for his 3rd different elective office. Mychajliw, considered by many to be a leader of Western New York’s far-right movement, has repeatedly come under fire for his mismanagement of the Erie County Comptroller’s Office, filling important roles within the department with party hacks, failing to do his job as a taxpayer watchdog, and instead concocting misleading and sensationalized press releases to further his own political interests. 

“Hamburg needs to think long and hard about what a Town Hall with Supervisor Mychajliw at the helm would look like. As Comptroller he has abdicated his responsibilities to the taxpayers and instead misused his position to pander to far-right, anti-government extremists, and repeatedly put self-interest above public interest,” said Hamburg Democratic Committee Chairman Terry MacKinnon. 

Mychajliw, who finished third in a 3-way Republican Primary for Congress last summer, spent the better part of 2018 out of his office campaigning for and later denying the criminal actions of his former boss, disgraced Congressman Chris Collins. Mychajliw’s divisive 2020 Congressional campaign was marked by his insinuations questioning the integrity of Republican State Party Chairman Nick Langworthy’s wife, and accusations that eventual Primary winner Chris Jacobs was too “moderate” for Hamburg and the 27th Congressional District. 

Mychajliw recently came under fire after Channel 7 reported he had only “swiped” into work in his role as County Comptroller an average of 5 weekdays per month, something Rath Building employees are required to do each and every time they report to and leave work. 

“Maybe if perennial candidate Stefan Mychajliw spent more time at his office doing his job and less time grandstanding, he wouldn’t have to move to our Town to try and keep his political career alive,” continued MacKinnon. 

Hamburg Democrats, who won the Board majority in 2019, are expected to announce a challenger to Mychajliw next week. 

“A Supervisor Mychajliw would bring chaos, mismanagement, division, and embarrassment to Hamburg. Hamburg Democrats stand against all of that, and we believe the residents of Hamburg deserve better and will stand with us come November,” concluded MacKinnon.