A second bill would require IDAs to get a third-party assessment before issuing tax breaks for tourism-related projects. The assessment, Ryan said, would verify that tourists would actually visit an area because of the subsidized project.

“Guess what, no third-party verifier is going to say an A&W root beer is a regional and tourist destination,” he said.

Ryan has expressed optimism that both bills could pass later this year, marking the most significant reform to IDAs in a decade.

“​​We’ve seen plenty of evidence that IDAs like the one in Niagara County aren’t going to stop making bad deals with taxpayer money until we pass laws to stop them, and I’m working hard in Albany to do that,” Ryan said in a statement Wednesday. “It’s a shame that Niagara County taxpayers are going to foot the bill for two restaurants that would have been built even without subsidies.”

Onesi shrugged off Ryan’s criticism as “fanfare” and all  but dared him to reform IDAs.

“He seems to not like this area. That’s my take,” Onesi said. “Why is he focusing on us when he’s from down there, why us? There’s a statute … it’s on the books. If he wants it changed, change it.”

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