The School of Everything Work Group: Meets in the dome every Saturday morning at 10:30 am~ we have some wonderful programs being developed for Occupy Buffalo and the community.

We are currently scheduling a series of teach-ins for each of the following “streams”:

* Justice Dialogues Organized by Heron, the schedule for January and February is just about filled!

* Emerging Values of the New Paradigm: Empathy, Compassion, and Inclusivity  – This series will include teach-ins on communication, meditation, consciousness-raising, community development, etc.

* Economies Past, Present, and Future – scheduling talks on topics such as the original American economy, “beyond money”, local currencies, etc. Albert is organizing an economics conference to present these ideas in greater depth.

* Activist Toolkit Series – These will focus on developing skills, supports, and strategies for activists and organizers.  A few of these will be conducted as “teach-outs” at Burning Books (420 Connecticut St.)

* Organization, Action, and Vision: Occupy and Beyond –  This series is being organized by Beth Lewitzky at the Buffalo Library System. These talks will likely happen at the Main library during lunch hour beginning in March; OB is invited to do one of the talks.

We are also getting more requests from community groups~ churches, schools, fire halls, etc. to do panel talks on Occupy Buffalo. If you know of a group that would like to host us, just send me a date, time, and location and we can make it happen. We may also want to discuss how the School of Everything, for Everyone, Everywhere, may grow as we plan for regional summits, inter- occupy road trips, and all manner of collaborative “happenings” with the national and international Occupy movements. Lots of our “teach- ins” can become “teach-outs” and we continue to look for friendly venues to host our talks. We have also discussed doing more movie/talk events like the one at Burning Books on the “2012: Time for Change” film. Other ideas?

Let’s continue to congregate, educate, and liberate for a more just and loving world!