*Occupy Economics: Past, Present and Future*
Canisius College
Friday, February 24, 2012

Regis South in the Student Center on Hughes Street  (click here for map)

You are invited to participate in Occupy Buffalo’s first conference in collaboration with Canisius College.  The occupy movement began as a response to the economic injustice that the 99% have been subject to, so come out and inform yourself and become part of the exciting discussion to change our economy for the common good of all people. Together we can Inform, Reform and Transform our world!

** **

Sacred Past & Dysfunctional Present

2:30-2:45   Mr. Heron Simmonds-Price, “Growing the Commonwealth: John Locke’s Understanding of Genesis 1:28—GDP or Gift Economies?”

2:45-3:00   Dr. Craig Rogers, “ The Audacity of Opportunity in the Face of Occupational Segregation and Tokenism”

3:00-3:15   Dr. Michael Gent, “Neoliberalism and the Great Recession

3:15-3:45   Dr. Tanya Loughead Leads a Roundtable Discussion

**3:45-4:00 Break **

Healthy Future & Political Action

4:00-4:15   Mr. Henry James and Mr. Clinton Parker, “Cooperatives: a Working Model Now and For the Future

4:15-4:30   Mr. Albert Brown, “Resource Based Economies: an Emerging Model”

4:30-5:00  Dr. Linda Abrams Leads a Roundtable Discussion