Columbus, OH, September 28, 2012 — Buffalonian small business owner uses technology to take his brand of fitness lifestyle on the road this Saturday to Columbus, Ohio for Ohio Comic Con.

A company t-shirt is nothing new, but Jerry Turcotte, Founder of the Vitruvian Renaissance, is using his as wearable art, to put his brand of fitness in the palm of anyone’s hands and (more importantly) to solve two problems with a single stroke of inspiration.

Faced with a long and difficult to spell website and a meaningful bond to the name itself, Turcotte decided to use the scanning capabilities of smartphones to put his story and website directly in the hands of those best suited to benefit from the Vitruvian Renaissance – Ohio Comic Con attendees and you.

Each of the 18 QR Codes on the shirt brings a person to a different part of the Vitruvian Renaissance website to model how the Vitruvian Principles can help people realize their own personal renaissance. Turcotte gives some credit for thinking outside the box to Joe Sabia, who made a TED presentation in 2011 using the capabilities of his iPad to tell a story. “His point,” Turcotte relates, “is to demonstrate how few “new” stories there are and that innovative stories can come from their telling.”

The Vitruvian Renaissance QR T-Shirt certainly does that. “The nine Vitruvian Principles cover your back, so to speak,” laughs Turcotte. True, nine different QR Codes on the back of the T-Shirt present the nine principles followed by Turcotte en route to losing seventy pounds and gaining gaining confidence. “The front is pure marketing,” says Turcotte. “I expect to refer people to particular codes to scan while I am out and about based on what they ask me,” he continues.

You can scan to buy the User’s Guide, scan to submit questions on how to apply the principles of the Vitruvian Renaissance to your life, and even scan to sign up to work with Turcotte one on one if you live in the Buffalo Area. “The shirt’s a walking business card and doesn’t leave my contacts with a pile of cards in a drawer somewhere waiting to be misplaced.”

When asked why he is heading to Ohio Comic Con, Turcotte is clear. “Sometimes it takes a roadtrip to give the home team a shot in the arm or a new dose of confidence. But in this case, I am directly marketing to my target audience: people with smartphones who know how to use them.” Turcotte continues with a smile,”almost everyone, including me, could be more fit.”

Jerry Turcotte was overweight, fat, obese, jovial – you name it – for nearly thirty years. He tells the tale of it in his much acclaimed Kindle ebook, Seventy Pounds and Counting: Solving My Inner Vitruvian (& You Can, Too!).

One reviewer of his book states,

“Short, simple and to the point. This is a fantastic guide providing not only information but also the motivation to get up off your butt, eat better and start stretching. It’s great to hear such a nonjudgmental voice from someone who’s been there and knows about the struggle first hand. Great Read!”

“I call it the Vitruvian User’s Guide these days,” says Turcotte. It makes sense as this quick read lays the foundation for Turcotte’s fitness lifestyle blog, Vitruvian Renaissance. The site launched in July and steadily grows – in large part – from Turcotte’s contributions. “Eventually, when more people gain the confidence the Vitruvian Renaissance inspires, we’ll have more contributors to the site. Once you value your own journey, it’s easy enough to see how others may gain from it.”

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