Dixon; Erie County GOP refuse to Denounce Trump Racism

Erie County Democratic Committee released the following statement today on President Trump’s overt appeals to racism:

Yesterday, Donald Trump shocked Americans when he attacked four members of Congress with overt appeals to racism.

As The New York Times put it, “When it comes to race, Mr. Trump plays with fire like no other president in a century,” and today he’s doubled down on his despicable remarks.

Equally shocking is the refusal of “independent” Lynne Dixon and local Republicans to take a stand on such shameful behavior.

County and State GOP Chair Nick Langworthy has said re-electing President Trump is his party’s top priority, so perhaps political considerations outweigh any principles in this matter.

Presidents of both parties in modern times have sought to heal racial division, but President Trump seeks to widen the gulf and deepen the wound. When will members of his own party hold him accountable?