CHECK THIS: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Flyover of Buffalo

Despite the techies geeking out over a few glitches and oddities, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator X was released last week and it’s worth checking out.

There’s been a 14-year gap between Flight Simulator X, the series’ previous entry, and Flight Simulator 2020. The version released last week uses Bing Maps and Cloud technology giving you a look at the world with a stunning and realistic feel.

Check out this video above of a fly over of Buffalo via YouTuber JackLiberty0

A new report says that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 could generate $2.6 billion in hardware sales over the next three years.

According to Jon Peddie Research (JPR:
Based on the assumption of a sale of 2.27 million units of Flight Simulator 2020 selling over the next three years, JPR estimates that in that time frame $2.6 billion will be spent on hardware with the specific intent of improving the game’s experience. Much more will be spent over the title’s complete sales cycle.

Check out the game details here: