Statement from ECDC Chairman Jeremy Zellner

Since 2015 the local GOP has enabled Donald Trump at every turn, through every attack on reason and every fact-free falsehood.

But yesterday was a new low. Yesterday, a sitting president gathered and instigated a deadly mob of insurrectionists that attacked a citadel of freedom – the United States Capitol.

I call on State GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy and Erie County GOP Chairman Karl Simmeth to join the growing ranks of fellow Republicans in demanding Donald Trump’s immediate removal from office.

We are political leaders, yes, but we are Americans first. Our first loyalty must be to the institutions that bind us together as Americans. Candidates and parties should debate issues; they should not be forced to debate reality. Lying to win elections – or overturn them – can never be tolerated or accepted as legitimate. Our nation deserves so much better.

Local Republicans sold an arsonist the wood, the matches, and the gasoline. They cannot now suddenly act surprised when he sets fire to our democracy.

The time to act is now, and Langworthy and Simmeth must cast aside their fealty to this disgraced President and join the vast majority of Americans who know this has gone on too long.”

Jeremy J. Zellner