WECK Radio Drops David DiPietro’s Disinformation Camapign

WECK radio finally came to their senses and put a stop to the disinformation radio campaign designed by NYS Assemblyman and habitual liar David DiPietro.

Remaining true to his brand of never taking responsibility for his own actions, DiPietro, after lying about his abysmal ratings, blamed ANTIFA for his termination:

As a business owner, such serious allegations would surely prompt one to file official police reports for such serious threats against the lives of your employees.

So we FOILed the Cheektowaga Police Department to see how many threats were reported by the radio station.

The response? NADA.  ZIP. ZICH. ZERO.

Not a single police complaint filed by WECK or anyone near it from Nov. 1st 2020 until 1/25 at 11:46am.


Just more lies and disinformation from a toxic, disgusting (and soon to be redistricted out of office) elected official.