Thompson Continues to Brag About “Storming the Capitol”

Jul and Rus Thompson, with the support of Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw, who organized a bus trip for local white nationalists to Washington, DC continues to brag about her role in the January 6th insurrection attack on the Capitol building in Washington.

While locking down her personal accounts, Thompson has been using a Twitter account connected to their long-defunct “TEANEWYORK” organization to boast about her role in the insurrection.

In the days leading up to the group’s departure from Buffalo in the early hours of January 6th, Thompson was hinting at the violence that was about to come:

Even while en route to Washington, Thompson was hinting at the violence that was to come just hours later:

Thompson spoke to The Buffalo News by cellphone on January 6th near the reflecting pool of the Capitol late Wednesday after traveling with two busloads of people from the Buffalo area to Washington.

She said she attempted to climb a wall outside the historic edifice – even as police attempted to repel them. She also said 16 members of the group were able to breach the wall of the building with her assistance.

At some point in the mayhem, Thompson was close enough to get hit with pepper spray according to her husband’s Facebook account on Jan. 6th:

The Thompson’s were recently awarded a $10k grant from the Erie County “Back to Business” federal CARES Act funding for their concrete business and allegedly used some of those funds to organize the trip to DC.